15 Amazing Things About Maltese Dogs—Maltese Facts

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Maltese dogs are hypoallergenic and loved by royalty such as Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I. They are picky eaters and are gentle, affectionate, intelligent, and responsive.

Maltese dogs have a fearless presence despite their small size and are famous for their floor-length coat. They thrive on human interaction and love to be held and cuddled, making them excellent therapy dogs. Additionally, they are loyal, alert, and good watchdogs.

With their playful and charming nature, Maltese dogs are adaptable toy companions. These dogs have a rich history and unique characteristics that make them exceptional.

15 Amazing Things About Maltese Dogs—Maltese Facts

Historical Significance

Maltese dogs have a rich historical significance, having been loved by royalty such as Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I. They are hypoallergenic and make great pets for people with allergies. These charming dogs are also known for their picky eating habits.

Royalties And Maltese Dogs

In the realm of historical significance, Maltese dogs have held a special place among royalty throughout the ages. These esteemed canines found favour with influential figures such as Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I, who both cherished them as companions within their palaces. These regal endorsements catapulted the Maltese breed into the spotlight, solidifying their status as beloved royal pets.

Maltese Dogs In Popular Culture

With their charming personalities and alluring appearance, Maltese dogs have made their mark in popular culture. From movies to television shows, they have become beloved characters. One notable example is “Legally Blonde,” where the adorable Maltese named Bruiser played a pivotal role alongside the movie’s protagonist, Elle Woods. Additionally, these endearing dogs have captured the hearts of countless individuals through their social media presence, with influencers showcasing their unique qualities and captivating charisma.

Maltese dogs have not only left their pawprints in entertainment; they have also made significant contributions as therapy dogs. Due to their gentle nature and excellent temperament, they bring joy and comfort to those in need. Their innate ability to provide emotional support has made them highly sought after as therapy animals, helping individuals in hospitals, nursing homes, and various therapeutic settings.

15 Amazing Things About Maltese Dogs—Maltese Facts

Distinctive Characteristics

Maltese dogs are a special breed known for their distinctive characteristics. From hypoallergenic qualities to picky eating habits and fearless presence, Maltese dogs have unique traits that make them genuinely remarkable companions. Let’s explore these fascinating traits in more detail.

Hypoallergenic Qualities

If you suffer from allergies, a Maltese dog might be the perfect pet. These adorable little dogs are considered hypoallergenic, making them less likely to cause an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals. Their hair-like coat, instead of fur, doesn’t shed as much and produces less dander. This makes them an excellent choice for people with allergies who still want the love and companionship of a furry friend.

Picky Eaters

When it comes to mealtime, Maltese dogs can be pretty particular. They are notorious for being picky eaters, often turning their noses up at certain foods. This selective eating behaviour can be a little frustrating for their owners, but it’s important to remember that you should always provide them with a balanced and nutritious diet. Finding the right food that tickles their taste buds may take some trial and error, but once you do, you’ll see them eagerly devouring their meals.

Fearless Presence

Despite their small size, Maltese dogs possess a fearless presence that sets them apart. Don’t let their dainty appearance fool you—they have a brave spirit. They are unafraid to stand up to bigger dogs or protect their loved ones when needed. Their confidence and fearlessness make them excellent watchdogs, always alert and ready to defend their family. You can count on a Maltese to always be by your side, fearlessly loyal, and ready to face any challenge that comes their way.

Endearing Qualities

When it comes to endearing qualities, Maltese dogs have plenty to offer. From their adorable appearance to their affectionate nature, these dogs are known for melting hearts wherever they go. In this section, we will explore two specific qualities that make Maltese dogs even more special: their human interaction skills and valuable role as therapy dogs.

Human Interaction

Maltese dogs thrive on human interaction and crave the love and attention of their owners. They are social creatures who love nothing more than being by their human side, whether cuddling on the couch or going for a walk in the park.

This breed is known for forming strong bonds with their families and can become anxious or lonely when left alone for long periods. Their affectionate nature makes them ideal companions for individuals or families looking for a loyal and loving pet.

Therapy Dogs

One of the remarkable qualities of Maltese dogs is their ability to become excellent therapy dogs. These dogs have a natural intuition and are highly empathetic, making them perfect for providing comfort and support to people in need.

Therapy Maltese dogs are often seen in hospitals, nursing homes, and schools, where their presence helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and loneliness. Their small size and gentle demeanour make them approachable and comforting to individuals of all ages.

Moreover, Maltese dogs are also known for their watchful and loyal nature.

15 Amazing Things About Maltese Dogs—Maltese Facts

Frequently Asked Questions On 15 Amazing Things About Maltese Dogs—Maltese Facts.

What Are Some Cool Facts About Maltese Dogs?

Maltese dogs were loved by royalty like Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I. They are hypoallergenic and great for people with allergies. Maltese dogs can be picky eaters.

Why Are Maltese So Special?

Maltese dogs are unique because they are gentle, intelligent, and easily trainable. They make great family pets and are known for their affectionate nature. Maltese dogs are hypoallergenic and have a beautiful, floor-length coat. Despite their small size, they are fearless and make excellent therapy dogs.

What Are Maltese Dogs Famous For?

Maltese dogs are famous for their stunning, floor-length coats and playful and adaptable nature. They are affectionate toy dogs, weighing under seven pounds, with a silky coat and a compact body. Maltese dogs thrive on human interaction and make excellent therapy dogs.

They are also loyal, alert, and good watchdogs.

What Do Maltese Love The Most?

Maltese dogs love human interaction, attention, and being held and cuddled. They make excellent therapy dogs and are loyal, alert, and fearless. Despite their small size, they are good watchdogs.


Maltese dogs are truly unique creatures, loved by royalty and known for their hypoallergenic qualities. These adorable pets are picky eaters but make great family dogs. Despite their petite build, they are fearless and enjoy learning tricks. They thrive on human interaction, love to be held and cuddled, and can even serve as therapy dogs.

With their intelligence and agility, Maltese dogs excel in training and can be a joy to have as companions.

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