Pomeranian Dog Colors: | Complete List

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The rarest colour of a Pomeranian is lavender, known for its pinkish-grey coat with hints of purple. Lavender poms are considered to be the most irregular variation of the breed.

In addition to lavender, Pomeranians come in various colours, from solid-coloured dogs like orange, red, and black to less common hues such as beaver and lavender. They can also have different patterns, such as brindle, parti, and merle.

Pomeranians with tri-colour coats have a tan pattern and white party colour, while party Pomeranians are white with solid patches. The variety of colours and patterns make Pomeranians a visually appealing breed.

Pomeranian Dog Colors: | Complete List

Pomeranian Dog Colors

Pomeranians are known for their adorable fluffy coats in various colours. Pomeranians offer different beautiful coat options, from solid colours like orange, red, and black to rare and unique colours like lavender and merle. In this article, we will explore the common and rare Pomeranian dog colours.

Pomeranians come in various standard colours that are widely recognized within the breed. These colours include:

  • Orange: This is one of the most popular colours for Pomeranians. The coat is a rich, deep, vibrant, eye-catching orange shade.
  • Red: Similar to orange, red Pomeranians have a coat that is a deep red colour. It can range from a rich mahogany shade to a lighter, coppery hue.
  • Black: Black Pomeranians have a black coat from their head to their tail. This sleek and elegant colour is a classic choice.
  • Chocolate: Chocolate Pomeranians have a coat that is a rich, deep brown colour. This colour is often associated with sweetness and charm.

In addition to the standard colours, Pomeranians can have remarkable, unique coat colours. These rare colours include:

  • Lavender: Lavender Poms are considered the rarest variation of the Pomeranian breed. Their coats look fantastic and unreal, and they are known for their pinkish-grey coats. Lavender poms have hints of purple among their grey fur.
  • Merle: Merle Pomeranians have a coat pattern characterized by patches of colours, typically a combination of black, white, and grey. This distinctive pattern sets them apart from other Pomeranians.
  • Blue sable: Blue sable is a unique colour that combines a blue hue with a sable pattern. Pomeranians with this colour have a coat that is both beautiful and rare.
  • Parti-colour: Parti-color Pomeranians have a primarily white coat, with patches of another colour distributed throughout the body. These patches can be in any solid colour, creating a unique and eye-catching appearance.

Overall, Pomeranians come in various colours, from the commonly seen orange and black to the rare and unique lavender and merle. Each colour adds charm and beauty to these adorable dogs, making them even more captivating.


Pomeranian Dog Colors: | Complete List

Pomeranian Dog Colors: | Complete List

Frequently Asked Questions Of Pomeranian Dog Colors: A Complete List

What Is The Rarest Color Of A Pomeranian?

The rarest colour of a pomeranian is lavender. Lavender poms have pinkish-grey coats with hints of purple. They are considered to be unique and have unreal-looking coats.

What Color Are Pomeranians With 3 Colors?

The colour of Pomeranians with three colours can vary, but typically, they have a white base with patches of different colours distributed on their body. The patches can be any solid colour, creating a tri-colour effect. Some examples include black and tan, blue and tan, or chocolate and tan.

What Color Is A Parti Pomeranian?

A party Pomeranian is a white dog with colours distributed in patches on the body, preferably with a white blaze on the head. The patches can be any solid colour, but all must be the same colour.

How Much Are Pomeranians By Color?

Pomeranians come in various colours, ranging from orange, red, black, and white to less common hues like beaver and lavender. The price of a pomeranian is not determined by its colour.


Pomeranian dog colours come in a wide variety, ranging from solid colours like black and orange to unique ones like lavender and brindle. Understanding the different colour variations can help you choose the perfect Pomeranian. Whether you prefer a classic black or a rare lavender pom, there are endless options to suit your preference.

Explore the complete list of Pomeranian dog colours to find your ideal companion.

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