Why Do Cats Like Cat Grass?

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Cats like cat grass because it aids in digestion and provides essential nutrients. Cat grass serves as a natural source of fibre, which helps eliminate hairballs and promotes healthy digestion due to its high chlorophyll content.

Additionally, it satisfies a cat’s instinctual need to chew on grass-like material. Many indoor cats cannot access fresh greens, so providing them with cat grass can fulfil this instinctual desire. Cat grass also contains vitamins and minerals that benefit the cat’s health.

Cat grass is beneficial to a cat’s diet and promotes overall well-being.

Why Do Cats Like Cat Grass?

Why Do Cats Like Cat Grass?

Cat grass, also known as wheatgrass, is a grass grown explicitly for cats to consume. Many cat owners wonder why their furry companions have such a strong affinity for cat grass. This blog post will explore the instinct, digestive benefits, and behavioural stimulation behind why cats like cat grass.

The Natural Instinct

Cats have an innate instinct to eat grass. Felines are obligate carnivores in the wild but consume small amounts of vegetation. This behaviour can be traced back to their primal instincts and ancestors, who relied on eating grass for digestion and overall wellbeing. By instinct, cats are drawn to chew on grass to cleanse their digestive system and expel any indigestible material.

Digestive Benefits

The consumption of cat grass offers various digestive benefits to our feline friends. When cats chew on grass, it helps to stimulate the digestive tract and encourages the regurgitation of hairballs or other ingested materials that may have accumulated. This natural process aids in preventing the formation of blockages in their digestive system, promoting healthier digestion, and reducing the risk of gastrointestinal issues.

Behavioural Stimulation

Cat grass also provides behavioural stimulation for cats. Chewing on grass allows them to engage in a natural behaviour that simulates hunting and capturing prey. This activity offers mental and physical stimulation, which can be particularly beneficial for indoor cats who may not have access to the outdoors. Providing cat grass as an alternative can help satisfy their instincts and alleviate boredom.

To summarize, cats are naturally drawn to cat grass due to their instinctual behaviour, the digestive benefits it offers, and the behavioural stimulation it provides. Offers can help fulfil their furry friends’ natural cravings and promote overall well-being.

Why Do Cats Like Cat Grass?

Why Do Cats Like Cat Grass?

By offering cat grass as a safe and healthy option, I subsequently asked questions: Why Do Cats Like Cat Grass?

Why Do Cats Like Cat Grass?

Cats like cat grass because it satisfies their instinct to chew on grass. It can help with digestion, hairball prevention, and providing essential nutrients. Cat grass also offers mental and physical stimulation, giving cats a sense of wellbeing and reducing stress.

Is Cat Grass Safe For Cats?

Yes, cat grass is safe for cats. It is specifically grown for them and contains no harmful chemicals or pesticides. However, avoiding using fertilizers or pesticides on the grass is essential, as these can be toxic to cats.

Always ensure that the cat grass is clean and free from contaminants.

How To Introduce Cat Grass To My Cat?

To introduce cat grass to your cat, place it in an accessible location, such as near their favourite resting spot or food bowl. Let your cat explore the grass at their own pace. Some cats may start eating it immediately, while others may take time to warm up to it.

Monitor your cat’s behaviour and ensure they are not eating excessive amounts.

Can Indoor Cats Benefit From Cat Grass?

Yes, indoor cats can benefit from cat grass. Since they do not have access to fresh grass outdoors, cat grass can provide them with a similar experience. It satisfies their instinct to chew on grass, which aids in digestion and helps prevent hairballs.

It also adds mental stimulation and variety to their environment.


Cats are naturally drawn to cat grass due to its numerous benefits. Packed with essential nutrients, cat grass aids digestion, prevents hairballs, and provides a safe outlet for their instinct to chew and nibble. Additionally, the texture of cat grass stimulates the cat’s paws, providing mental and physical stimulation.

Incorporating cat grass into your cat’s environment is a simple yet effective way to enhance their overall wellbeing. So, consider growing cat grass for your feline friends and watching them indulge in this delightful and healthy treat!

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